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Stationary Engine January 2017

The January issue of Stationary Engine is available now and amongst this month’s highlights Jason Tysoe reports on the restoration progress of an engine that was sold at the Absalom Sale back in 1992. We also take a look at the Wonderful P & P engine as manufactured by the Hereford based Naylor Company.

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Letters to the Editor
The place where readers can express their thoughts
and ideas on articles, queries etc that have appeared
in Stationary Engine, or indeed suggest new themes
that they would like to see.

Identity & Assistance
This section is for readers seeking help with regards to
the identity and/or information on a particular engine,
or maybe seeking ‘how to do it’ advice on a restoration

Visit to Internal Fire Museum of Power
Whilst on holiday in Wales Alan and Lynne Cullen
made sure they found time to visit the Internal Fire
Museum of Power to see how ongoing work had
progressed since their last visit.

Absalom Sale Revisited
Jason Tysoe reports on the restoration progress of
an engine that was sold at the Absalom Sale back
in 1992.

Letters from America
American enthusiast Tom Jamboretz reports on his
visit to The Minnesota Threshers Reunion at the
Rollag Showgrounds, Clare County, Minnesota.


Starting Handle Rally
Kevin Buttle reports on the 7th Starting Handle Club
Rally, Marsham, Norfolk.

The Wonderful P & P engine
We take a look at the Wonderful P & P engine as
manufactured by the Hereford based Naylor Company.

Brewhurst Mill barks its last
Mark Tewkesbury and friends visit the Brewhurst Mill,
which is to be turned into a private residence.

Sattley engines
With more and more American-built small open crank
engines making an appearance on the UK rally scene
we take a look the Sattley line of engines, a name not
everyone will be familiar with.

Simms Patented Vernier Magneto Coupling
Eric Brain comments on the unusual magneto coupling
owned by a friend of Maltese enthusiast John Hili.

Biddenden rally
Tom Cousins reports on the selection of engines seen
at the Biddenden Tractorfest (Kent).

Shrewton Flower Show
Stationary engines make an appearance at a flower
show as an added attraction.

Lister Powered Mistifer
We seldom see a rally field engine driving its original
item of equipment, however, that all changed when
K & S Jennings restored a Drake & Fletcher Mistifier
orchard sprayer.

Flywheel Conundrum
South African enthusiast Andy Selfe is seeking
information on a rather unusual method of securing
the flywheel on a Ruston & Hornsby Oil Engine.


Robinson oil engine
Geoff Challinor relates the story of the restoration of a
rare horizontal Robinson Oil Engine.

Small Summer Shows
Mark Tewkesbury reports on a number of small
events he attended in August.

Another Russell’s mobile root cutter
Mile Milestone sends us photos of another Russell’s
mobile root cutter, this one being powered by a Petter
air-cooled engine,

Cypriot Robey Revisited
Kevin Parsons follows up a previous article on the
installation of a Robey engine on Cyprus; letters
written in the day that give a marvellous insight into
the difficulties experienced when working in foreign


Saltfleet Gala
Paul Bundy reports on the stationary engines
exhibited at the Saltfleet Gala, Lincolnshire.

Register of Stationary Engine Clubs

Scenes of Yesterday
Having purchased a vintage post card depicting a
large Crossley Brothers prior to installation in its place
of work, Tim Keenan set about trying to discover the
history of the engine in question.

Pre-WD Wolseley engines
Paul Bishop takes a look at a pair of pre-WD Wolseley

Little Casterton Working Weekend
Martin Perman reports on his visit to the Little
Casterton Working Weekend.

Blacksmith skills
Swedish enthusiast Thomas Davidson tells of a
damaged Fairbanks, Morse & Co T type engine that
was kept going by the skills of a Blacksmith.

Engines waiting to be restored
A visit to the Beaulieu Autojumble revealed to Jamie
Coates that there are still unloved engines out there
waiting to be restored.

Wolds Rally
Mike Milestone reports on his first time at the Wolds
Vintage Rally.

Working Engines – pumping outfits
We take a look a selection of pumping outfits
exhibited at the Kingsfold Rally 2016.

Neal’s 4 in 1 Crane
Having a small working crane on the rally field is not
something you see very often, but one was displayed
at this year’s Newby Hall Tracfest.