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Stationary Engine June 2017

The June issue of Stationary Engine is available now and amongst this month’s highlights Richard Amos reports on a visit to an old mill that is now a Heritage Centre. In addition American reader Tom Jamboretz reports on his recently constructed Stirling cycle hot-air model.

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Letters to the Editor
The place where readers can express their thoughts and ideas on articles, queries that have appeared in Stationary Engine magazine or suggest new themes that they would like to see.

Identity & Assistance
This section is for readers seeking help with regards to identification and/or a particular engine or maybe seeking ‘how to do it’ advice on a restoration project.

Sundial engines in the UK
Adrian Grant takes a look at three Australian-built Sundial engine now residing in the UK.

Stuart Turner K type engine
Stuart Turner enthusiast Stephen Williams reports on the latest addition to his collection, a rare four-stroke K type.

Visit to the Moulin De Navrre at Everux, France

Richard Amos reports on a visit to an old mill that is now a Heritage Centre.

Listers at Cinderford Part One
Robert Davis relates some of his experiences whilst employed at R A Lister & Co, Cinderford.

Jeremy Heslop’s Open Day 2017
Mike Milestone reports on his visit to Jeremy Hislop’s impressive collection of engines and the star of the day, the latest in the collection, an OE120 Crossley engine.

My Eguene dynamo
Richard Amos reports on his French-built Eugene dynamo

Repairing an Ewarts fuel cock
Eric Brain illustrates how he repaired a leaking Ewarts fuel cock and found on many more modern engines.

Petter S type engine
We take a look at a Petter S type engine seen on the rally field.

Paddock Wood Crank-up
Alan Cullen reports on the early Crank-Up organised by the Sussex & Kent Weald Stationary Engine Group at the Paddock Wood Garden Centre.


Yates & Sons Follow-Up
Jason Tysoe provides more information on the Yorkshire firm of Yates & Sons which is still trading today.

Dorman 2AB engine
Jim Anderson provided information on a Dorman 2AB recently acquired by his friend Brian Eagles.

Nuenen Rally information

Barn Elms Ruston Up-Date
Darren Curryer brings us an updated report on his Ruston engine following contact with a gentleman who provided photographs taken inside the Barn Elms Waterworks when it had been first completed in 1924.

Period Advert
Having found a period advert featuring the engines at the Pulborough Pumping Station, Sussex Philip Thornton-Evison asks if the pair engines illustrated are Lister X types.

Stirling Cycle Hot-Air model
American reader Tom Jamboretz reports on his recently constructed Stirling cycle hot-air model.

Fairbanks, Morse & Co Type N
A nicely restored and presented Fairbanks, Morse & Co N type engine seen on a UK rally field.

What do I do now?

David Appleton relates some of the trials and tribulation involved whilst attempting to trace the history of his IHC 6hp M type engine.

Model Corner Part Two
Kevin Parsons continues the construction of hid open-crank model.

Just Pumps
Information received on the unusual dairy pump featured in the March issue.


Crossly PH1050 on Malta Up-date
John Hili reports on a stroke of luck that saw him acquire the missing parts of a Crossley HP1050 that will enable him to restore the engine.


We Like a Challenge – Don’t We?
Val Moore tells us of a friends recent purchases and what lies before him with their restoration.

What is a Stationary Engine
Sam Bloake ask what at first seems a straightforward question.

Fairbanks, Morse & Co Lighting Set
We take a look at he rather unusual small home-lighting set as produced by the Fairbanks, Morse & Co.