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Stationary Engine November 2016

The November issue of Stationary Engine is available now and amongst this month’s highlights Darren Curryer reports on the recover of a rusty Ruston & Hornsby IP engine and we take a look at the Grigg engine, one of the lesser known British-built engines of the 1920s. Pick up your copy…



Letter to the Editor
The place where readers can express their
thoughts and ideas on articles, queries that
have appeared in Stationary Engine, of indeed
suggest new themes that they would like to see.


Discouraging Youngsters
A story, of how in the past, youngsters were
not readily accepted as being part of the engine

Identity & Assistance
This section is for readers seeking help with
regards to identification and/or information on a
particular engine or maybe seeking ‘how to do it’
advice on a restoration problem.

Recovery of Rusty Ruston
Darren Curryer reports on the recover of a rusty
Ruston & Hornsby IP engine.

Glamis Castle rally
A short report on this Scottish rally.

1000 Engine Rally
Barry Job reports on the 32nd 1000 Engine
Rally, which for him it is one of the best events
to attend when it comes to meeting up with
friends and contacts from across Britain and
indeed, from mainland Europe.

Cheffins Auction Sale Report

The Grigg Engine
We take a look at the Grigg engine, one of the
lesser known British-built engines of the 1920s.

Kromhout Miscellany
Further information with regards to Darren
Curryer’s recent Kromhout article

Hitler’s Bunkers
Tim Keenan reports of a generator outfit seen
whilst visiting one of Hitler’s bunkers in northern

Bloxham Rally Report

Rare Timmer engine
The story of a rare Dutch-built Timmer engine
owned and restored by members of the Juffer

Engine Sightings
Photographs supplied by reader.

Weeting Rally
Ricky Kemp reports on the stationary engines at
the Weeting Rally.


Stuart Turner R3
The wakening of a Stuart Turner R3 engine that
has been sleeping for some 25 – 30 years.

Souvenir from R A Lister & Co
The second instalment to this story from Kevin
Parsons relating to a souvenir released by R A
Lister Co.

Beaulieu Rally
Patrick Knight reports on the stationary engine
gathering held in the grounds of the Beaulieu
Motor Museum.

Ronaldson & Tippett engine in South Africa
Recovery and restoration of an Australian-built
Ronaldson & Tippett engine found in South

Monks Eleigh Rally
Daniel Edwards reports on this Suffolk rally.

Lister D type powered mixer
Alan Cullen relates the story of a Lister D
powered cement mixer recovered from a
bramble patch.

As the title suggests, page contains a list of
events where stationary engines are expected
to be seen.

Chickerell Show
Kevin Parsons reports on the stationary engine
section of the Chickerell Show.

Open Crank Lister?
D Rolfe takes a look at a Petter Handyman
engine which carries an R A Lister & Co plate.

Made in Yorkshire
Mike Milestone reports on the ‘Made in
Yorkshire’ engines exhibited at the recent
Newby Hall Tracfest rally.

Fairbanks, Morse Competition Engine
We take a look at the somewhat unusual
Fairbanks, Morse & Co ‘Competition’ engine
placed on the market in 1922 to fend off the
flood on cheap engines being produced by its