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Stationary Engine September 2016

The September issue of Stationary Engine is available now and amongst this month’s highlights South African enthusiast John Menasce relates his 3,200km journey involved in the recover and restoration of a Lister CS Start-O-Matic. Pick up your copy…



Letters to the Editor
The place where readers to express their thoughts and ideas on articles/queries that have appeared in Stationary Engine, or indeed suggest new themes that they would like to see.

Identity & Assistance
This section is for readers to seek help with regards to identification and/or information on a particular engine or maybe seeking ‘how to do it’ advise on a restoration problem.

News and Obituaries           

Rip van Winkle
The story of a Petter S type having been awakened from its slumbers and the work undertaken by its new owner to get it up and running again.

Hereford Waterworks Open Day
A report on the Hereford & District Preservation Society’s stationary engine rally at the Hereford Waterworks.

Lister CS Start-O-Matic
South African enthusiast John Menasce relates his 3,200km journey involved in the recover and restoration of a Lister CS Start-O-Matic.

Petter PAZ1 in model truck
Petter diesel engine specialist Jim Perkins tells us about a PAZ1 engine fitted in a scale model of a Matador truck.

H V Senior Patents Part Two
Kevin Parsons concludes his research into the H V Senior Patents

Derelict pumping station on the Isle of Gozo
John Hili reports on a derelict pumping station on the Isle of Gozo and the remains of a Ruston engine.

Merton Vintage Rally
Report on the Merton Vintage Rally

Keeley Sale Report
Jim Gerrard reports of the stationary engine section of the recent Keeley auction sale.

As the title suggests this page is contains a list of events where stationary engines are expected to be seen.

Special Mechanical Day
Report on the Special Mechanical Day at the Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre, where a number of early single-flywheel Lister A type engines were on display.

David Edgington
Tribute to David Edgington, Founder and first Editor of Stationary Engine magazine who sadly passed away on 23rd May.

The Grigg Engine
We take a look at the Grigg engine, one of the lesser known British-built engines of the early 1920s.

What’s in a name?
John Ellis concludes his research into the London based companies involved in the production of fractional horsepower engines.

Stirling Engine Bicentenary Celebrations
Dr Noel Meeke reports on the Stirling Engine Bicentenary Celebration at the Hereford Waterworks to mark the Reverend Robert Stirling’s patent for the first workable hot-air engine.

Engine Resource Centre
Listing of services offered to stationary engine enthusiasts, many being recommended by our readers.

Baker Little Monitor
We take close look at the Baker Little Monitor, an American-built pumping engine.

Sightings in Saudi Arabia
Reader James Wells send us photographs of a couple of derelict Blackstone oil engines spotted in Saudi Arabia


Working Weekend at Breamore House & Countryside Museum
Jim Gerrard reports on the stationary engine weekend where quality was more important than quantity.

Down in Rural Kentucky
Having purchased an old photograph via an Internet auction site Mark Farmer takes a close look at what can be deduced from the image.

Monmouth Rally Report

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Transfers and Booklets
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Stationary engine book published by Kelsey Media

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