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October issue of Tractor & Farm Heritage

In the October issue of Tractor & Farm Heritage we continue our review of Wilfred Shingler’s collection of US-based tractors, check out the latest gear to help you keep your trusty tractor in fine fettle and we reflect on the 60th anniversary of the David Brown 2D.

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All the latest news in the world of tractors and heritage.

Graham’s Grumbles
Anyone for tennis? It’s enough to make Graham throw in the towel.

Tractor Talk
Your news, views and comments about the veteran, vintage and classic scene.

American style
We continue our review of Wilfred Shingler’s collection of US-based tractors, this time meeting his Massey-Harris 55 and two John Deere Ds, one unstyled, one styled.

Haymaking of old
Looking back through rose-tinted glasses some jobs seemed to run perfectly, but when you try to recreate those days something’s bound to happen.

Last Word
Farmer Brown reaches new heights when he decides to clean his windows ‘on the cheap’.



Buying this International 434 revived cherished memories for Derek Stobbart, but first he had to get it back into the same shape he remembered.

Northern Nuffield
The Shetland Islands are well-known for being the centre of the UK’s oil and gas industry – but tractors also have their place.

The Fergie Fillies
When you’ve come up with brilliant ideas such as the Fordson Majorettes and your own version of the Dancing Diggers, what next to entertain?

Minnie makes its mark
This Minneapolis-Moline UTS left such a lasting impression on Ross Bartlett years ago that he vowed one day to own it.



Ahead of the game
Introducing the Massey Ferguson 500 Series 40 years left a legacy of ground-breaking machines that have stood the test of time.

Best of British
As food became a munition of war, state intervention into agricultural production heralded a new mechanical age on British Farms.

David Brown 2D
This year sees the 60th anniversary of the David Brown 2D, a remarkable design born from an idea to develop a low cost tractor.

Ruben Noden’s Turners
The Newark Vintage Tractor & Heritage Show this November will have a special feature on Turner Yeoman of England tractors, Larry Hopkins gives us some fascinating background behind a few of the tractors.



In with the new
Last month’s workshop on this 23c engine finished just as the block was empty and everything removed, now it was time to fit the new parts.

Oiling up
These days increasing numbers of tractor enthusiasts are choosing not to repaint their old tractors, we ask which style do you prefer?

New Products
All the latest gear to help you keep your trusty tractor in fine fettle.

Checking out the wiring on this Douglas Taskmaster uncovers a whole host of electrical problems.



What’s on
Our comprehensive event guide to the rallies, road runs and events over the coming month.

Tractor Events
The Pink Ladies road run and the inaugural Hop Farm Tractor and Smallholding Show feature in our round up.