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Essex-based tuning specialist TDI-Tuning is, once again, showcasing its Agricultural Tuning Box products on its stand at one of the top agricultural shows in the UK, the Essex Young Famers’ Country Show, on Sunday 22 May, Roxwell, Chelmsford.

TDI-Tuning products are very popular in the demanding agricultural sector especially among the younger generations, who welcome modern technology’s contribution to making tasks easier and more cost-effective.

“We like to support this important British show in an industry where TDI-Tuning has made huge steps,” says TDI-Tuning MD Graeme King. “We specifically design tuning boxes which optimise productivity in a very competitive sector by enhancing the power and torque delivery of heavy machinery.”

Efficiency is the by-word for TDI-Tuning’s activities in an industry whose contribution to the country’s GDP was £8,495m in 2015 (£2,943m in the first quarter of 2016)*. Accordingly, sales of its agricultural tuning boxes have steadily been increasing, as TDI-Tuning registers more than 50% growth YoY (2014 vs 2015) and is aiming to double that in 2016.

Ploughing, drilling, combining or even road transport, all benefit from the bespoke software developed by TDI-Tuning that allows the use of higher, more fuel-efficient gears. Thanks to the Digital Tuning Box the increase in power and torque (which doesn’t affect manufacturer anti-tune features) can result in significant fuel savings and/or increase in productivity.

TDI-Tuning’s stand can be found in block G2. The tuning specialist’s team will be available to answer questions and explain how the product works throughout the Show.

*Source: Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs